Video Copilot Saber Plug-in

Saber AE Plug-in
March 13, 2016 admin

Video Copilot’s free Saber plug-in for Adobe After Effects provides an intuitive process to create energy beams, lightsabers, lasers, portals, neon lights and much more.

Simply create a new solid in After Effects and apply Saber from the Effects & Presets menu. Add a new mask to the layer and paste an Illustrator file previously copied to the clipboard. Using the Saber Effects Controls, set Core Type as Layer Mask from Customize Core. Now select an effect from the Presets list.

The examples in this post used the Portal preset. There are a total of 50 presets such as Cellular, Fusion, Myst, Neon, Torch and Wormhole. Besides layer masks, presets can be applied to Text Layers as well. By manipulating the plug-in settings bound to a layer, a wide variety of visual effects can be created. In addition, these custom plug-in settings can be saved as a new preset for future use.